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Category: Cartoon, Marvel
Pieces: 178
Pages: 14
Showcased: April 10th 09
Designer: BlueDragon
Download: HERE      «!»
Comments:This was my first publicly available papercraft, the model comes with lots of extras and an optional stand(he stands well without it) hope you guys like it. Mirror link: http://www.mediafire.com/?24hwwgtnzha

6 comments about 30cm. Deadpool papercraft

  1. Kapono |

    Why does it ask for a password when i try to open it? If you have the password may I get it? If so please email me at address above. Much thanx

  2. Haywan |

    You might be using pepakura designer. Download pepakura viewer.

  3. Piccolo |

    i have downloaded many pepakura models, i have a realy simple question, why do you people use passwords?!?!?!
    i want to change the dimensions and make it biger and i cant…
    really, you spend time to make the model, you share it with us and then you use a password so can no one chage it… WTH?

  4. mlubej |

    I have just finished it yesterday, a couple of minor glitches that I fixed, but overall it’s awesome! TY

  5. King Antoine |

    I don’t get this, what’s a ‘.PDO’ file and how do you open it? Where is the actual papercraft instructions?

  6. daniel4582 |

    퍼 갑니다

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