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Category: Game, Warhammer
Pieces: 117
Pages: 21
Showcased: April 10th 09
Designer: BlueDragon
Download: HERE      «!»
Comments:Here is another WarHammer 40K model for you guys, the Space Marine are elite soldiers enhanced to superhuman levels through brain therapy, and surgical modifications.

6 comments about 35cm. Warhammer 40K space marine

  1. Anonymous |

    Its password protected CANNOT VIEW

  2. Quark |

    Back-pack is a problem with some parts requiring surgery in order to fit together. Would lke to see an ‘extras’ page with grenades for the belt and purity seals etc.

  3. Eddie |

    nice any plans for chaos marines, paint schemes, ect..

  4. Quark |

    Finally completed figure-after a long layoff. Anyone got the savy to do a Space Marine in Terminator armour ?

  5. Furkan(Turkey) |

    What is the password?

  6. RxSnip |

    The Real .pdo is on my blog ! He havent design this papercraft the real designer is Belarmos !!!
    Come RxSnip Blog and you can do it !

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