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Pieces: 105
Pages: 33
Showcased: April 10th 09
Designer: BlueDragon
Download: HERE      «!»
Comments:Here's another model for you guys,I left the model unlocked so your free to re-scale as necessary cause I know 68cm. is pretty big. I'm going to be replacing all the locked files here with unlocked ones pretty soon. There is a spear that comes with the model, I didn't build it due to not having the space to display it. A big thanks to Brice Broaddus(original designer of the model)for giving his blessing to use his models and textures.

7 comments about 68cm. Predator

  1. Nigrafox |

    Great work!
    The details are perfects!
    Predator now is forever!

  2. Patrick Soares |

    Awsome, large models are much better to built and much more rewarding when done. Keep the good work. You are the man.

  3. Haywan |


  4. sez |

    I finally finished him today it is the best model i have made to date!!!!!I would love to get my hands on a similar style Alien figure. Any plans to release one…pretty please :o)

  5. Papercraft Predator « Skoomz |

    […] Papercraft Predator 17 02 2010 Ok this guy is currently my favorite out of all my papercraft pieces.  He stands at about 3 feet tall and took me about a week to put together.  I had to take a break from papercraft after finishing him, but I think it was worth it.  Now he lives on my desk standing guard over the lamp, hehe.  Amazing model by BlueDragon, you can find the file to build your own here: http://www.papercraftmuseum.com/68cm-predator/ […]

  6. dekstyr |

    Have you considered making a model of the Alien?
    I have try finding one, but as it seems no one has ever made such a model.

  7. dekstyr |

    Great predator by the way. :)

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