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Pieces: 123
Pages: 12
Showcased: August 13th 09
Download: HERE      «!»

4 comments about Alphonse Elric

  1. Anonymous |

    the alchemic seal on Al’s Shoulder is missing, the strips of spiked armor that goes between either shoulder and the torso are a bit longer than in the anime/manga versions, and the torso is supposed to be triangular, not square.
    Not a bad first try but the model needs some tinkering before it resembles the anime and manga character.

  2. Anonymous |

    alchemic seal can be added in photoshop or by hand with a marker or some paint, and the strips could probably be trimmed. the torso you are SOL unless you redesign. still, a good model

  3. aosou-kun.deviantart.com |

    Don’t sweat the small stuff.
    It’s papercraft.
    It may or may not look 100% like the real thing.
    Looks good enough to me.

  4. andy |

    porfa dejen el link para descargarlo en pdf , o las piezas es mi favorito , si pueden aportar son la serie shaman king los angeles del fuego serio exelente gracias

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