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Category: Transportation, Plane
Pieces: 48
Pages: 3
Showcased: December 24th 08
Designer: yankee44.webs...
Download: HERE      «!»

8 comments about B-787

  1. thescreem34 |

    when i try to open this plane in pepakura it asks for a password, what is the password?

  2. Haywan |

    you probably are using pepakura DESIGNER. please download pepakura VIEWER.

  3. shahmi |

    Can you please open this page. Now!

  4. Haywan |

    It works. Whats the problem?

  5. Kim |

    where did you get the base from??

  6. SoraKHVIII |

    hey designer
    the design of this plane really bad
    first off all it doesn’t have a base
    then the parts to add the details the wings are not even in the print area i don’t even know how am i going to glue the motors to the wing

  7. SoraKHVIII |

    i apologize for that comment i didn’t read the text written in the design sorry u_u
    but there’s still no base

  8. jc |


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