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Category: Game, Final Fantasy
Pieces: 88
Pages: 3
Showcased: February 28th 09
Designer: GoblinGuy
Download: HERE      «!»
Comments:"Aww, how cute! A baby Chocobo! This little creature was very easy to build, and I did release it to the public for others to enjoy. Others like Pixel-Kakashi, who kindly made the one shown in the picture above. He did a very nice job on it, and maybe you can too. ;) Comes with bonus egg model." - GoblinGuy

5 comments about Baby Chocobo

  1. Zcizor |

    cute =3

  2. toesrnotbubbles |

    very cute, :)

    i’ll have to try it out later.

  3. Anonymous |

    cute!!!thanks for make it

  4. N |

    Muy bueno!

  5. Xemna8 |

    sadly i cannot download that. Could you please give us another option to download that amazing chocobo? Thanks!!

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