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Beginner Tutorial

Once you download the file, you will need to open the following files with a different program which are all free to download:
.pdf files are opened with Adobe Reader 9
.pdo files are opened with Pepakura Viewer
.zip and .rar files are opened with WinRAR.

If a .pdo file asks you for a password, it usually means you have downloaded Pepakura Designer and not Pepakura Viewer, so make sure to get the viewer instead.

Here’s a little demonstration on using Pepakura Viewer 3.

Pepakura does not work on a MAC. However, if you download VMWare, or WINE, or some PC emulator, you can still get it to work.

To build it, cut it out and keep the glue tabs onto the piece. The glue tab is where you will put glue, and then you have to figure out where that glue tab should attach to, sortof like a jigsaw puzzle.

Start a model that is mostly in boxes such as this model. Don’t worry about buying the tools that other papercrafters use, just grab whatever cutting utensil you can find and whatever glue is available. In this video I demonstrate how I managed to put together a simple papercraft model with kid scissors and paste.

I made this extra video incase you want to see how I deal with the trickier parts.

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