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Category: Anime, Dragon Ball
Pieces: 89
Pages: 5
Showcased: August 20th 09
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Recent Updates

  • Coming soon
    April 10th

    Here is the next model I plan on releasing here in a few days, just got a couple spots on the texture that need tweaked.

    Like Sunfire I plan on doing his original version Angel soon as well.

  • Robocop next W.I.P
    April 10th

    My next model I will be releasing will be Robocop. Not quite sure what size I’ll unfold him at yet. Even though there is already an ED-209 papercraft I will be releasing one simultaneously with Robo. The reason for that is so you will have both in pdo format so they can be scaled accordingly. Hopefully I should have some progress to show by next weekend.

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