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Pieces: 1050
Pages: 25
Showcased: August 15th 08
Download: HERE      «!»
Comments:For a Cliff Jumper repaint, go here! http://wulongti.com/blog/2011/05/17/cliffjumper-paper-model-complete-zip/

9 comments about Bumblebee

  1. Haywan |

    To my knowledge, this is the hardest papercraft model in the world, because it not only has incredible detail, the joints (including the knuckles) are moveable!

  2. Mike Frenette |

    Awesome it is so difficult but i weave my way in and finish it

  3. 범블비가 요기잉네 |

    어떤 잉여년이 할짓이 드럽게 처없어서

    이걸 처 만들고 있음??

    쥰내 할말이 없어서 끄적여봄

  4. Antwa-chan |

    OMFG this is really my dream, i will soon make this huge ass monster papercraft 8D pics anyone??

  5. 범블비가 요기잉네 |

    어떤 잉어가 먹이가없어서 먹고있다

  6. paper craft dude |

    omg this is one omega dude i cant believe his joints can move when hes paper craft omg omg omg

  7. 어이없네 |

    여기서 할 일 없이 뻘플이나 다는 니네들보다 바쁜 사람들이다. 가서 공부나 한 자 더 하렴.

  8. Aosou-Kun |

    This is just insane. And i think it’s only 40cm in total size!

  9. 大魔王 |


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