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Category: Other, Electronic
Pieces: 13
Pages: 2
Showcased: March 20th 09
Designer: Kenn Munk
Download: HERE      «!»

13 comments about CCTV Camera

  1. tkp |

    omg, good idea!

  2. hi |

    omfg thats very good (im not vrom englant)

  3. allan i b |

    muy bueno lo imprimi y lo pegare con carton piedra (spanish)

  4. unknown name |

    Ha fool my little bro so he will be good

  5. plzz awser |

    omfg good but can it be a little bit bigger?

  6. Anonymous |

    How do you print this thing?

  7. Skylar |

    I can’t figure out how to print this papercraft!

  8. Haywan |

    Right-click the images and save them to your desktop first. There should be 2 pages. Then print them as normal images from your desktop.

  9. retrogamerAZAR |

    I shrunk mine down to hand size :D,
    very easy to make, it looks great in my room!

  10. alguém |

    really nice

  11. fvcarq |

    this link is broken

  12. balint |

    If the link is broken try the webarchive, on the release date ( Showcased: March 20th 09 ), like:

  13. N8 |

    the download link goes to a porn site… -.-


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