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Category: Game, Kingdom Hearts
Pieces: 9
Pages: 1
Showcased: January 4th 09
Download: HERE      «!»

14 comments about Chibi Roxas

  1. Jade; |

    AWESOME; <3
    THANKS. :D

  2. Haywan |

    template no longer available. you would have to contact Lyrin to find the template of her recolor.

  3. ViciousCoke |

    I have it saved, send me an email at viscouscola@yahoo.com if you would like it.

  4. ViciousCoke |

    Man, people keep asking for it .__. So nevermind emailing me, it’s here if you want it.


  5. rum |

    are there instructions for this??!!!

  6. Haywan |

    no instructions

  7. Forestpelt |

    Totally need a Luxord one now DX

  8. xime |


  9. Kid |

    Definetly needs instructuions for the head

  10. Tokkori |

    AWWN!! This Roxas is very very very cute!!!
    Thanks =D!

  11. Mio |

    No instructions? I have it printed in my lap right now, but I can’t fold it XDD

  12. Haywan |

    You won’t need instructions for this. Just fold at the dotted lines and try different formations until you figure it out. It’s like a 3D puzzle!

  13. angelica |

    so cute!

  14. Anonymous |

    Anyone know where I can find a more realistic Roxas design?

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