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Category: Animal, Mammal, Game, Other
Pieces: 43
Pages: 4
Showcased: December 6th 10
Designer: Lyrin-83
Added By: Space
Download: HERE      «!»
Comments:Chibiterasu is the cute little wolf puppy / celestial wolf that plays antagonist on Okamiden - sequel to Capcom's smash hit Okami.

4 comments about Chibiterasu

  1. Dick Q. Velasquez |

    Chibiterasu is the young wolf from the Nintendo DS game Okamiden which is a sequel to the Playstation 2 and Wii game Okami.

  2. Killimaniao |

    If he’s the young wolf… wouldn’t that mean its the PREQUEL to PS2 and WII?

  3. o_O |

    ^ Haven’t played the ds one yet, But from what I understood.

    Chibi is Amaterasu’s baby. Amaterasu being the wolf from the ps2/wii game.

  4. Noelle Preece |

    I’m new to Okamiden and it looks like a really good game since I am into Japanese culture. I really want to make it, but when I try to download the palette for this, it just takes me to Deviantart, which has no download link there! Is it a mistake you made, is it a bug or am I doing things wrong? Help!

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