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Category: Other, Gun
Pieces: 64
Pages: 4
Showcased: November 17th 08
Download: HERE      «!»

32 comments about Cobra

  1. 한국인 |

    한국인이라 한국어 씀 읽을 수 있는 놈만 읽어 썅

    존나 캐간지군?

  2. Anonymous |

    how do u down loadthings

  3. Anonymous |

    i really like these things and i wanna make them my self how do i download the instructions and pieces so i can build it myself please tell me

  4. Haywan |

    if instructions are no included, then there are none

  5. Haywan |

    click “Download: HERE «!» ”

    then click “Click here to start download..”

  6. 진환친구 |


  7. 진환친쿠에케 |

    요 썅 너도 한쿡인?? 그럼 내코민좀 틀어춰, 우리판에 김성수라는 개샤키가 있는테 존나 깝쳐, 촘 팕파줘 부탃해

  8. w00t |

    Is this thing life-sized? I printed the colt 45 m1911, and it doesnt look like i can hold it like a real gun.

  9. lolzz |

    most of the items arent life sized
    if you want to make them life sized download a program called pepakura desighner & pepakura viewer

  10. etwang |

    for this model is there instructions of some sort

  11. 나도 한쿸인 |

    나도 한쿸인이다.

    페이지수가4라고되어있는데 실제로 6장이야.

    양놈들. 존나 잘만드는데?

  12. ... |

    comment on fait pour avoir les planches pour le construire ??? merci d’ avance.

  13. 韓國人 |

    여보시오, 한국인들

    우리나라의 위상을 더럽히지 맙시다.

  14. 일본은 한국땅 |

    소타루다 다다ㅏ닫다다ㅏ다ㅏ ㅏㅇ 빠빠바리아 ㅋㅋ

  15. josiah |

    i downloaded but couldnt find the parts…

  16. Haywan |

    Check out the beginner’s tutorial to open the .rar file. The parts are in that file in the form of .gif files.

  17. Anonymous |

    can’t build this. please can someone tell me how to build this?

  18. Haywan |

    There are no instructions available. Do your best to use the pictures to guide you.

  19. Ygor |

    Como faço para montar a arma cobra eu não consigo montar

  20. Ygor |

    Por favor me ajudem

  21. HEYALL |

    why wont mine download

  22. Dr. Eastograhm |

    This is a .rar file… Pepakura can’t read that! HELP!!!!!

  23. 일본인 |


  24. pieter |

    can it shoots, it looks like it can shoots because the bullets

  25. s |

    no onli load

  26. Yo |

    tiene cargador remobible?

  27. Anonymous |

    como lo armo?

  28. Hi |


  29. Derp Herpson |

    Deep herpity derp herp the derp

  30. Derp Herpson |

    Oh did I mention derp?

  31. 코리안 |

    이보시오 코리안님들 저거크기얼만하오?

  32. AuTG4ming |

    Thats an. Rar File download Rar opener and go

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