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Category: Other, Gun
Pieces: 58
Pages: 2
Showcased: November 17th 08
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12 comments about Colt Python

  1. dave |

    it does it with all your models

  2. alex |

    is it life size

  3. HEYALL |

    probably not

  4. mose |


  5. Alex |

    is it lifesized?

  6. Ryan |

    Can I resize this gun it’s small

  7. Edward |

    That’s tight

  8. Derp Herpson |

    § Im gonna make it §

  9. Derp Herpson |

    §3 Derp

  10. Derp Herpson |


  11. javi |

    como se arma la colt python?

  12. ryo saeba |

    is a pain in the asss to resize since wen you change 1 of the 3 meassures they al change. and thats makes it it impossible to make it life size. the colt python whit 2 vents over the barrell means its 4 inches barrell. wen u achive to resize the gun enough to have this lenght the grip of the gun and other parts are ridiculus big.

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