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Category: Other, Gun
Pieces: 50
Pages: 2
Showcased: November 17th 08
Download: HERE      «!»

31 comments about Desert Eagle

  1. Anonymous |

    am i able to add these files to pepakura to view the files easer

  2. Haywan |

    no, templates in image form only

  3. jy |

    wat’s the final size?

  4. Viraj |


  5. lolzz |

    this desert eagle is pretty small man i had to resize it using pepakura desighner or how ever you spell it XD i can send you the resized version

  6. Anonymous |

    send me plz

  7. dave |

    guys i cannot see it it wants me to make a new file its wiered any help?

  8. dave |

    it does this with all of your models (your .zip files)

  9. Thomas |

    yea im having the same problem not even pepakura isnt opening it

  10. Thomas |

    nevermind i dont have the .rar system i got it now thanks!

  11. Angel |

    this came out rather small, considering that the real desert eagle is like the hugest pistol EVER! you’l know what i mean if you’ve ever handled one, even airsoft.
    Its still nicely detailed, and good looking for a model, not good for a toy/prop.

  12. kenzo |

    how print you are desert eagle ??
    send me : Kenzo.w@live.nl


  13. Josiah |

    Nice model it came out realy well I had to resize it but its all good very good papercraft.

  14. xingador |

    seu americanos viados vao tudo se fuder hahahahahahahahha

  15. re-xingador |

    xingador, nao fala merda e vai tomar no cú ;D blz?

  16. re-re-xingador |

    xingador e re-xingador, parem de brigar e vão ajudar a mamãe a lavar a louça!

  17. hamza |

    @lolzz please send me the larger model to print; it would be great if you could.

  18. hamza |

    its hamzavarley@yahoo.co.uk

  19. Pancake |

    Please send me the resized version too! thanks

  20. Pancake |

    its yoshi64@live.com.au

  21. me |


  22. somebody |

    How do i know where to glue stuff?

  23. rocketfans14 |

    can you send me a resized version too? thanks


  24. Igor |

    I want a resized version too!

    Thanks! ;)

  25. Murilo |

    Please send me too! I really want it

  26. Angela |

    Aaaare you still sending the re-sized papercraft? Could you please send me too? it’s angemartini@hotmail.com THAAAANKS!

  27. TheKazeGraff |

    Yeah, I want the resized too to practice before making an M4A1, can you send it to me to jscepedam@gmail.com , pls?

  28. DarkAmbush |

    Ummm… I would like if there was a tutorial how to make it. Please

  29. dumb poop |

    bob was here

  30. Anonymous |


  31. maik |

    Aaaare you still sending the re-sized papercraft?Could you please send me too?it’s maikh.rodriguesgmail.com THAAAANKS!

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