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I’m brand new to papercraft, but totally in love with it. I have been playing with 3D modeling on and off since I was 12 (POV ray and Impulse’s Imagine on the Amiga – I’m so old). Papercraft is the first thing to motivate me to actually achieve something through modelling instead of just goofing around with it (well, not counting the engineering design I do at work, but that’s mostly CSG-type modelling which is a different besat than polygon modelling).

So far I’ve been using Metasequoia for modelling and I’ve played around with Sketchups… I may eventually tackle Maya eventually. I use Pepakura to unfold (doesn’t everyone?). I grabbed models with 3D Ripper DX.

In case anyone’s interested in me, I’m a graduate student in physics. I have a million and one hobbies and they change every week, so I may not be into papercraft next month, but since I can create a papercraft model of whatever I happen to be into at the time, there’s a chance I may actually stick this one out.

I reccomned printing on 32-lb paper for almost everything. Strong yet supple! I LOVE Aleene’s Tacky Glue and Fast Grab Tacky Glue.

I’d love to hear any comments/criticisms/suggestions/questions:

epengr (at) hot mail (dot) com

If you like the models I'm designing please consider donating for my efforts. 100% of these donations go directly to me.

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Latest Model

Category: Other, Random
Pieces: 5
Pages: 2
Showcased: February 13th 10
Download: HERE      «!»
Comments:After watching the opening ceremonies I was inspired to knock out this quick model. Build one and show your Olympic spirit! Go Canada! :D

Recent Updates

  • Test build looking good
    February 19th

    I’ve test built Luke and part of Leia. I’ve got about a dozen different characters in different stages of development. I hope to get them up soon, but the olympics seem to be dominating my evenings.

    LEGO Luke Skywalker

  • 2010 Olympic Inukshuk
    February 13th

    After watching the opening ceremonies I was inspired to knock out this quick model. Build one and show your Olympic spirit!
    Go Canada! :D

    I’ll get back to the LEGO Star Wars models right away ;)


  • Next Model(s)!
    February 12th

    Here’s my next project. The models are done and test builds are underway. I expect there will be (many) more than three in this series! They’e about 6″ tall.

    First Three

    I may even get some pics of the test builds up later today. I’ll probably post the models this weekend.

  • My first model is complete!
    February 7th

    I’ve finished my Sacred 2 Seraphim. It took several test builds to refine, there may be a couple glitches left but I think she’s pretty solid. If you have any comments or feedback, drop me a line in the forum.

    I’m now sick of her, so a final “good” build will have to wait.

    Finished test build

    I have a few new projects in mind, one I’m very excited about. I hope to post details soon…


  • Seraphim test build
    February 4th

    Okay… Here’s a pic of the first partial test build of the completed model. You’ll have to excuse the quality of my crappy inkjet printer.

    A few gitches need to be worked out. The top of the torso is tricky, the arm/sleeve passes all the way through the torso and it fits a bit tight making the shoulders hard to assemble. The neck’s also a tight fit. Should be easy fixes, but it leads to more test building. I also just remebered that I still need to model her wings. She’s not a Seraphim without wings!

    Seraphim Test Build

  • Seraphim Model
    February 2nd

    Here’s a screenshot of the model in Pepakura. It’s looking to be around 60 parts spanning 5 pages.

    Seraphim in Pepakura

  • First Model: Sacred 2 Seraphim
    February 2nd

    For my first model, I’ve decided to design the Seraphim from Sacred 2. I’m aimimg for about 1:8 scale (~230 mm tall).

    I have the first draft of the model complete and I’ve started test building. I’ll post some screenshots and pics later.

    This model should be published soon! Writing instructions will be the hardest part, but there’re some tricky bits that need them I think.


  • Starting out
    February 2nd

    I’m just starting out in papercraft, I’ve only crafted a few models:
    Gold Artifact: Tokyo
    The Legend of Zelda Hero of Twilight by Ninjatoes (my idol)
    Link (Four Swords)
    Battlestar Galactica

    And now I’m diving in to creating my own models…

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