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What is papercraft?
Papercraft is a hobby where computer images are printed, cut into pieces, and glued into a 3-dimensional model.

How are they made?
The images are made by unfolding a 3D computer graphic into 2D using Pepakura, a program designed specifically for papercraft. These 3D images are either made by graphic softwares, or taken indirectly from the video game. A few models are hand drawn using trial and error.

What’s so great about papercraft?
Papercraft is an inexpensive hobby that requires planning and hand-eye coordination. Many model hobbyists became attracted to papercraft because it offers a greater variety of free and difficult models to build.

How safe is this hobby?
I have never been injured because of papercraft, but my mom accidentally nicked her finger once while cleaning my desk and didn’t see my blade. Now, I always place my blade in a container when I’m not using it. Simply having your workspace organised and finding a place to keep your tools will keep everyone safe.

Where do you get the models you feature?
Currently I do not create or design any models myself, but perhaps will in the future. I find the best papercraft models on many other blogs and websites I happen to come across myself and feature only the ones I like the most.

I can’t open the file!
Check the beginner tutorial, it has information about how to open files.

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