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Category: Game, Half-Life
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Showcased: November 5th 08
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8 comments about Flammable Barrel

  1. YesMrKabuto |

    That looks suspiciously like a barrel from Half Life 2. Looks like a easy, fun build.

  2. Haywan |

    Thanks for that, I updated the category to simply Half-Life.

  3. Kyle |

    AWESOME! I LOVE Half life! I wonder if there is a crowbar paper craft…

  4. Roy |

    Originally Posted by Kyle:
    AWESOME! I LOVE Half life! I wonder if there is a crowbar paper craft…

    Yes, There IS.

  5. randomguy3524 |

    AWESOME, i just needed a money collecting box, i removed top of the can, and scaled it a li’l bigger in Gimp and voila, i had a perfect paper can THX

  6. Brad |

    I just finished one of these (my first papercraft attempt). While I was able to finish it, I found it fairly difficult (sausage digits). Should I just stop now or was it because of the supplies/technique that I used? I used just normal printer paper and some liquid glue that my wife uses for scrapbooking. I glued the top of the can first, then the seam of the can, and then the bottom of the can. The bottom was my biggest issue. Any tips/tricks?

  7. Haywan |

    Use thicker paper, like 32lbs, and your glue may have been too wet. Also, closing circular flaps onto a cylinder is not easy, depending on how the glue tabs were designed.

  8. Scott |

    Will liquid cement work for paper?

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