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Category: Other, Gun
Pieces: 55
Pages: 8
Showcased: November 17th 08
Download: HERE      «!»

18 comments about FN P90

  1. is there a model of a p90 any were one the net - PaperModelers.com |

    […] where i got it , most of you know it : papermuseum so everybody else who wants it here is the link FN P90 | PaperCraft Museum before my emailbox runs full __________________ Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, […]

  2. Anonymous |

    this papercraft is in 1/! or in 1/2, because I printed it thinking that it was a 1/1 model, and looks like that it doesn’t

  3. Anonymous |

    sorry, i tell 1/1 not 1/!

  4. guy |

    what is 1/1 or somhething???

  5. ruben |

    nice, finaly a smg for beginners,

  6. CAT |

    Is it Life Sized?

  7. HEYALL |

    open a microsoft Word document and resize it

  8. GLAUBER |


  9. GLAUBER |


  10. Anonymous |

    Can it reload? Can it shoot? Like you can poke in a whole in the tube like a blowgun. Will it work?

  11. Anonymous |

    :) :0 cant down load

  12. francho pancho |

    muy vuena como se ase

  13. peter |

    hi where is the place to shoot??

  14. Johann |

    building it… still not sure if its 1:1. btw, I printed the files in .GIF format.

  15. pablo |

    i have to print in a4 or in a5

  16. pablo |


  17. Anonymous |

    bigode na nuca

  18. Anonymous |

    Good gun, life size, does NOT Shoot, though if is NOT for beginners this is the most complex thing I have made, still good though….

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