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Pieces: 275
Pages: 22
Showcased: October 16th 10
Added By: Space
Download: HERE      «!»

7 comments about Fox McCloud

  1. toph13 |

    Amazing.. hope its not that hard!

    im currently building the SSBB Mario.. i may build this next..
    this looks really cool..
    i hope you release an SSBB Kid Icarus!

  2. Gustavo |

    Man, its pretty hard =P
    In 1 whole day i buildup only two boots =/
    But Thanks a lot, this is the only site that i found the model (y)

  3. foxbox64 |

    I already finished this paper craft model for those building it the white piece that attaches the jacket to the torso just use a piece of cardboard to make the model more sturdy, you also want to reinforce the right ankle that has a lot of weight on it the left foot should barely have its toes touching the ground. good luck I will post a picture soon.

  4. Garth |

    The link is broken. nothing to download

  5. Space |

    The link worked fine when I tried it. Maybe you should try downloading it again.

  6. Haywan |

    Keep in mind this is over 30 mbs, so it may take awhile.

  7. sean |

    way 2 hard 4 me maybe in the futre anyway great model!!!=)

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