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Category: Game, Digimon
Pieces: 84
Pages: 7
Showcased: November 5th 08
Download: HERE      «!»

8 comments about Gabumon

  1. za_za |

    its nice… can u make mega level digimon

    like metal seadramon or imperialdramon …??

    i also like a rathalos from monster hunter game… :)

    please make 4 me…. thank a lot :) :)

  2. Anonymous |

    this gabumon is really cool

    can u make other digimon?

    i really love greymon

    please… thanks =D

  3. fajar |

    can you make wargreymon or x-veemon..i really like digimon

  4. Noo100 |

    hi can u give my instructions on the purple claw bit. Having alot of trouble making the purple claw stick with the arm D:

  5. Ryan |

    How big is it?

  6. 3_P |

    Wish there were .pdo’s for the Digimon papercrafts :(

  7. raied |

    i made an paper imperialdramon and birdramon
    it is simple but this one is too realistick

  8. rondi |

    Esse papercraft e ridiculo, cade o pdo o cara que fez isso é o que um retardado?

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