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Category: Game, Zelda
Pieces: 100
Pages: 17
Showcased: September 4th 08
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8 comments about Ganon

  1. Mike |

    This is actually Ganon, not Ganondorf. Ganondorf is his human form.

  2. pelepone |

    I don’t get it. In Zelda-four swords, Ganon was killed. Now he appears in Zelda olcorina of time. I don’t get it… Which one came first?

  3. Haywan |

    I don’t know but this is the last boss you fight in ocarina of time :P

  4. grayboye |

    wow who freaken voted this lower than 5,i mean honistly? no person in the right mind coucld vote this lower than a five.

  5. charlie smart |

    1. I agree with grayboye.

    2. is this the thing that ganondorf turns into for his final smash in SSBB or is that a differnent thing?

  6. freebirth |

    ok. this is Ganons final form from ocarina of time… if you havn’t played the game. GET IT AND PLAY IT. wont say where you can get it. but there are emulators out there. you are not a gamer until you have played this game. it is easily the best game ever made. ever. period. and yes. ganon does appear in most Zelda games, the first legend of zelda, a link to the past, links awakening, ocarina of time he physically appears. in the rest up until the oracle of seasons/ages games. his followers are either attempting to revive him. or he is mentioned as a great evil wizard. the games are not all set int eh same world. though..up until just after majoras mask. it was the same world..just vastly different times. with links awakening being the last chronologically. { the others have been put in various time lines by different people. including Hideo Kojima himself. giving two separate time lines multiple times when he was asked during interviews.

  7. paperzeldamaster |

    wow… but why are the swords black instead of yellow? oh well this was my favorite boss in OOT. whats wierd is that ganon in OOT loks like a warior and in zelda 1-2and/or 3 looks like a hog or pig. wierd.

  8. legowars96 |

    id soo love to get this and make it for my room but i dont think my printer has enough ink for that awesome make. id give this a 9 out of 5 :P

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