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Hello! My name is Gilles-Philippe.I play the piano…I have a Wii, and my favourite games are Super Mario Galaxy,
Super Paper Mario, Mario Kart Wii and many others… I started papercrafting since now a few months… Before, what I did was origami…

Now I try to do my own models, so,… Enjoy!

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Latest Model

Category: Diorama, Mario
Pieces: 61
Pages: 18
Showcased: August 13th 09
Download: HERE      «!»
Comments:Here's something big for you! Peach's castle papercraft! Enjoy!

Recent Updates

  • New papercraft project…
    July 20th

    I’m actually workin’on Peach’s castle from PaperMario…
    All is done, and I’m just waiting for Mastermind777’s testbuilding (from Nintendopapercraft.com)
    Here’s a pic!

  • Mario Coin: repaired!!!
    April 20th

    I repaired and did my coin papercraft!
    I’ll send it soon…

    Here’s a pic:

    Good papercraft!

  • Mario Coin update…
    April 17th

    Now I’m repairing my ”project”, and all looks really great!Just looking if it is buildable…If it is, you will be avaible to download it soon!!!


  • My models…
    April 9th

    Yeah!I designed my first model, my Shine Sprite!I made it the most easiest way possible to build…Now, I’m thinking to design between
    a coin, a pixelated coin (from Mario Bros) or a pixelated mushroom…


  • My papercraft kit
    April 7th


    This is what I use to do papercraft:

    -Pritt glue, to use with easy parts;
    -Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive glue, excellent for doing smooth things like spheres;
    -X-Acto blade;
    -(usual)Scissors, it’s easier to cut round pieces
    -Safety pin and ruler,to fold, the ruler is for long fold lines…
    -148 gsm paper

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