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Category: Game, Half-Life
Pieces: 22
Pages: 4
Showcased: September 7th 08
Designer: www.freewebs....
Download: HERE      «!»

10 comments about Gravity Gun

  1. comsage |

    this is the phys gun from gmod

  2. K1 |

    Or the gravity gun from the end of Half-life 2…

  3. Anonymous |

    Last 2 chapters in HL2 – you get a blue one.

  4. ruben |

    i love the blue gravity gun.
    somheone neet to make a portal gun.

  5. river |

    I love the blue gravity gun and have tried to make one about 13 times and failed horribly. If someone has any instructions on how to make this model please tell me.

  6. Guy |

    you have to cut it out first, but dont be to fast then you WILL fail,
    if you cutted it out, you have to stick everything together and
    then place all pieces on the right location.
    if you do thes, you won’t fail :D

  7. Ernie |

    You should probably make an instructions sheet or something…

  8. Haywan |

    There are instructions in the file. They’re not the best instructions, but it’s enough to guide you to build your model.

  9. Anonymous |

    ola gracias

  10. Elgwen |

    Life Size?

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