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Hi, my name is Haywan Chiu. I run PaperCraft Museum, and have recently started to learn designing models myself. I hope you enjoy building them!

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Latest Model

Pieces: 831
Pages: 197
Showcased: September 10th 09
Download: HERE      «!»
Comments:Alternative textures available

Recent Updates

  • Toon Link Complete
    February 19th

    Finished!  Toon Link was ripped by Gazamaniac. Unfold and release by me. Please understand that I am too noob to simplify the original 3D, but then again I’m one of the few who likes ultra-detail-high-poly papercrafts, so it should make sense that the models I release are like so. There are some glitches in the original 3D that I don’t know how to fix, but it won’t change the overall look of the model, as you can see in the testbuild images I provided. By the way, the model that I test built is 29 cm tall. The one you downloaded is 43 cm tall. If I can build the baton and fingers, then obviously you can too at 150% larger size. In pdo are some recommendations that will make your life easier.


  • Technical Difficulties
    February 13th

    The original 3D on Toon Link’s leg is that the inner section is outside of its leg. I was too lazy to edit the 3D and just started unfolding, and now that I’m pretty much done unfolding the entire model and even nearly done building it, I’m starting to think, maybe I should’ve edited the 3D before I started this.  I tried fixing that and reloading the model so that the unfolds are kept, but I think pepakura still needs to fix bugs in the program to allow me to do so. I think for this model, I’m going to release it unedited, but just with a clever unfold that makes building somewhat easy. A lot of people on /po/ expressed disinterest in the nose, but I’m nowhere near the level where I can actually edit something like that. Maybe in the future I’ll re-do Toon Link to make it simpler after I figure out all this 3D-mumbo-jumbo. But for now I’m gonna unfold it as is and up-scale it so most people can actually build this. I certainly picked a challenging model as my first =/

  • Toon Link Progress
    February 12th

    Right now I’ve unfolded him and am constructing the legs, finished with everything else above. Ran into a few trouble spots where I need to edit the 3D so it’s gonna be awhile before I finish completely. I will put the instructions into the pdo file itself so you cannot ignore my recommendations ;) Here’s some previous pics of the construction:

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