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Category: Anime, Other
Pieces: 70
Pages: 3
Showcased: November 20th 08
Download: HERE      «!»

31 comments about Inuyasha

  1. Gildo |

    please put the instruction i need it.

  2. Haywan |

    Unfortunately, I don’t have instructions for this. Only found what I found through the link.

  3. Mary |

    thank a lot….

  4. Kero |

    Sorry, I can’t download the doll. The website show “The file link that you requested is not valid. ” Could you help me?

  5. Haywan |

    link changed. thanks.

  6. Hiro |

    wow, ….. that so cute

  7. vera |

    I can’t download the doll, can you tell me the link, please? thanks

  8. Haywan |

    the link works fine for me.

  9. tomansan |

    can you tell me the new link for this doll

  10. 0SH1CH1 |

    Try this link:


  11. Nara |

    is this pdf missing some piece cause i can’t find inu’s ribon for his out fit

  12. Zymeth3112 |

    Any body have the introduction please share me! My e-mail address is zymeth3112@yahoo.com

  13. ale |

    aaaaaaa pero que lindooooo no puedo creer que alguien tenga esa pasiencia

  14. Ken |

    i can’t do it .
    I really need a instruction .

  15. kira |

    instructions please!!!!
    im lose with out istructions,if some body have pleace tel my how to do it

  16. Navi03 |

    This looks awesome! Great job to the creator!

  17. Eider |

    Please instructions!!!!

  18. Oliver |

    D: It wont work on my laptop! can someone please tell me another place or link or whatever that I can use to get it? I really want to make this! thank you in advance!

  19. Rebecca |

    The link doesn’t work! TT-TT I’ve looked everywhere for the template for this, but it’s been ‘removed for violation’ WTF?
    Can anyone send me a link or tell me where to find the template?
    Pweese =^-^= *puppy dog eyes*

  20. Mozart |

    Links broken…

  21. Felicia |

    can’t find the link, would you mind to share again?

  22. Haywan |


  23. itsuki |

    genial k gran construccion

  24. itsuki |

    super esta muy chida la contruccion

  25. Yeison Araya |

    hola amigos ya lo descargue por favor alguien me de intrucciones de como armarlo

    hello friends and download it please someone give me instructions on how to build it please

    contactenme por mail:yeisonelsaico1903@gmail.com

    contact my by mail :yeisonelsaico1903@gmail.com


  26. abud |

    gan urang indonesia yeh
    bagi instructionna atuh kang

    di antos ku simkuring jl terusan batik halus
    no.12c rt/rw 06/06
    budak pa nono

  27. Diana |

    PDO Inuyasha Chibi:


  28. Jan |

    Solo mencionar que estoy sorprendido por haber tropezado con esta página !
    Muy buena Página.

  29. nicanor |

    please just need you post how to do the chest, is the only part I could not do, and thanks for the previous file :)

  30. phio |

    T_T please instruction

  31. Anonymous |

    oye como diferencias la espada del cabello

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