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Category: Anime, Gurren Lagann
Pieces: 79
Pages: 8
Showcased: January 25th 09
Designer: krauzer.blogs...
Download: HERE      «!»

5 comments about Kamina

  1. .go!. |

    What is the password?
    I do not understand anything the Japanese

  2. Haywan |

    There is no password, you must be using the wrong program. Get pepakura viewer.

  3. .go!. |

    I paperuka as the password required to open the model.

    The image of the problem

  4. .go!. |

    sorry for double post.
    Thank you very much Haywan , I have found the error, I did not realize that was using the Paperuka and logically that required password to modify the model, just get off the paperuka viewer and opens without problem.

    Now you can create a lot of patience (xD) my own paper Kamina ^_^

    PS: I used the Google translator to translate this post and obviously can have words out of context :P

  5. Nyt |


    How do I get access to the download? I want to make one for my friends birthday at the end of this month :) Thanks

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