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Category: Anime, Other, Other, Mechanical
Pieces: 197
Pages: 31
Showcased: July 3rd 11
Designer: migero
Download: HERE      «!»
Comments:Visit the designer's page here: http://migero.blogspot.com/

12 comments about Large Doll version 2

  1. Aosou-Kun |

    Hey mon freir, it would be wise to give these people a heads up.
    Dimensons man, dimensions.
    31 pages seems too small for the whole model.

  2. Aosou-Kun |

    Ah, never mind.
    Attention all builders: There are multiple pdos used in this model. 31 pages refers to the head/body alone.

  3. TekoMuto |

    then just enlarge it…

  4. alan |

    Hi guys i wantto build a glock 17 i download it , and then it ses choose program to open i choose paint or sumfin like dat but it just wont open , can somebody plz help mee !!!!!!! im only 12

  5. Luke |

    download pepekura viewer and im 12 two

  6. Luke |

    wow im dumb i said two instead of to math is getting to me

  7. Haywan |

    Alan, if you are having trouble with something, try reading the beginner’s tutorial at the home page. If that doesn’t help, ask us directly through the form in “Contact Us”.

  8. pika:) |

    alan, Im from russia, im only 11, and I making websites for my brothers company)

  9. Eztp |

    I’ll save the next person some time. File is no longer available on website.

  10. Trix |

    why can i not open it :( can not open a single one of these models? i have paperkura and the only thing it says is “cannot load file of specified type.” TT__TT

    anyone who can help me? plz write to me
    mail trix94@live.dk

  11. Anonymous |

    Could someone tell me how the parts are attached because I don’t know if its like the first one or different.

  12. Anonymous |

    Then where can I get this model?

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