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Category: Anime, Other, Other, Mechanical
Pieces: 288
Pages: 80
Showcased: January 11th 09
Designer: migero.blogsp...
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26 comments about Large Doll

  1. Aosou-Kun |

    How does she not fall apart?

    If what am I interpreting is correct, she is posable via the wheel joints on her body, an idea I’ve coonceptualized myself more than once.

    But looking at her blueprints, such a range of mostion would make her impossible to hold together without glue.

  2. TekoMuto |

    derp ^

  3. Aosou-Kun |

    That’s not an answer.

    Has anyone built this thing?

  4. luxx |

    im guessing its a large BJD (ball jointed doll) and there fore be held with cord of some sort to hold it together, ill download it and have alook.

  5. Anonymous |

    I was wondering.
    She is ball jointed and such, but I don’t understand the method by which she doesn’t fall apart.
    The joints make sense and all but even threading her doesn’t seem to add up…

  6. migero |

    i am the creator of the model joints are ruber bands

    more fotos on blog

    or mail me migero@gmail.com

  7. Anonymous |

    Thanks man.
    I’d love to build her someday.
    I might make her my senior year project.
    I’m really tempted to start right up.
    Hmmm, but all I’ll have available is printer paper…anyway thanks for the tip.
    I’ll be sure to add that to my build notes.

  8. Anonymous |

    if its soo that you want to build it i will snoop around my hdd to find a simpler version i have made (this one is just a quick unwarp from na obj i posted on 4chan)
    allso head is in seperete pnd coz in needs to be printed in color on different paper

  9. Anonymous |

    Yeah, that might work.
    But I’m not going through 4chan, that place changes by the minute.
    I ought to know, been there, done that.
    I know about the head, don’t worry, I’ve got sources.
    I’m more worried about it not being sturdy enough to hold its own weight.

  10. Anonymous |

    she will hold her own weight

  11. Pioniki |

    This is really awesome. ^_^ I totally want to try making it.

  12. Aosou-Kun |

    Well, she’s under way…so to speak.
    I built her left hand and I’ll do her right one over the next few days.
    I intend to accumulate stand alone pieces so as not to attract attention, and then assemble her next year.

    I’m using specially bought paper, 110lb card stock.
    I figure that way she’ll be sturdy.
    The hand feels like it’s made out of balsa.
    I’m also going to be looking around for a more suitable head on your site. I’m not crazy about the hat being necessary to cover the hole.

  13. w00t |

    is that thing life sized? I dont think i am gonna download it anyways.

  14. TekoMuto |

    @ Aosou-kun

    damn, thats heavy cardstock.

    I’m just making her with regular and then fibergalssing ‘er.

  15. w00t |

    srsly, that looks like a huge paper-craft.

  16. TekoMuto |

    eh, she’s not too big, currently I have her torso and groin/hips area complete, I wanna make a different head though.

  17. Aosou-Kun |

    How the heck would I do that!
    That’s kinda easier said than done from what it know about fiberglass.
    I don’t think I’d be doing that.

    I figured out how to eliminate rubber bands from the pivot joints. So far I have the right leg completed and both hands and feet. I’m working on the right arm.
    I’m still not sure what to do about the wrists, hips, and shoulders. how exactly would you use rubber bands in those areas to ensure a snug yet flexable fit?

  18. Anonymous |

    Aosou-kun, how to eliminate the ruber bands??

  19. Aosou-Kun |

    I’m glad you asked anonymous person, who will never see this answer.
    I’ve built the model up to the start of the upper torso.
    My solution was to use thin wooden skewers at all of the joints EXCEPT for the shoulders, I threaded rubber bands into the upper arm plates and intend to tie them in when I get up to the shoulder pieces.
    Incidentally: 110lb cardstock is the common name, but for printing purposes, it’s 60lb bond weight.
    She’s coming along really well.
    Current height is about 4 1/2ft projected height around 5 1/2.

  20. Anonymous |

    I’ve completed her after roughly a year.
    I started her 11 months ago.

    The final height is 5ft 2 1/2in

    Thank you migero for everything.
    It was a pleasure working with you on this incredible model.

  21. Luke |

    shes awesome i made her and covered her in heavy duty fiberglass or something like that and my brother (who loves wrestling) throws her around all the time so shes pretty fun to own ^O^

  22. Annon |

    Thats taller than i am!

  23. Aosou-Kun |

    Luke, totally wild man!
    I’m actually still tryin to figure out a permanent solution for her legs.
    The way I have em now her legs periodically snap off and I have to go through hell to fix her.
    If only I could get just the right fit.
    I’d just glue the interlocks in place.

  24. Trix |

    why can i not open it :( can not open a single one of these models? i have paperkura and the only thing it says is “cannot load file of specified type.” TT__TT

    anyone who can help me? plz write to me
    mail trix94@live.dk

  25. cupecake :D |

    how tall and wide is she?

    can not see it anywhere even though I have downloded her :(need her to a anime con. but first I have to know her height and width :(

    Can anyone help me?

  26. Anonymous |

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