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Category: Other, Other, Headgear, Lego
Pieces: 43
Pages: 15
Showcased: April 14th 09
Designer: rundown
Download: HERE      «!»
Comments:a wearable lego helmet.

9 comments about Lego head

  1. Siobhan |

    Where is the rest of the lego mans body

  2. Losty92 |

    Well, since I’m cheap and don’t want to lose all of my yellow ink to this, I took away its texture. I did build it though, and I drew the face on it! It looks great despite the fact that it isn’t yellow. It looks hilarious when people wear it.

  3. Cal |

    This is really cool! How would I go about putting it together?

  4. Marco |

    Wow…i’ve just finish it….amazing! now i need the rest of the body!!!!
    Thank you!

  5. Anonymous |

    what kind of paper do you need?

  6. Evan |

    link is dead:(

  7. Muffinman |

    I cant’ open it… windows doesn’t recognize .pdo file extension. Could you maybe work on haveing it as a .jpg or .bmp or something more universal like that?

  8. Oked |

    Hello, would you be about to export it as PDF file? There are no programs to open .PDO on mac’s.

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