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Category: Game, Zelda, Other, Headgear
Pieces: 66
Pages: 12
Showcased: December 10th 08
Designer: www.nintendop...
Download: HERE      «!»

13 comments about Life-size Link Hat and Hair

  1. robert |

    can you ware this

  2. Haywan |

    yes you can wear it, its large enough

  3. rich |

    depends if you have a huge head lol

  4. Baz0826 |

    when i clink on “here” it says open and save. I clink on open and it loads for a minute then… NOTHING! It doesnt do any thing how do i do this? :3

  5. Haywan |

    then how about click save?

  6. Alexia |

    Can’t download :/

  7. D3athScythe |

    it is a zip file use firefox it will help you “open” it

  8. FyreFly |

    I’m pretty much done with the hat, but too dumb to piece together the hair.. xD;; any guides or helper out there,plz?

    Aside from that it’s become one of my top faves, ^^ but it would’ve been a lot better with the ears >_>

  9. Peruvianhatgamer |

    does anyone know where i can get instructions, it’s bloody hell hard
    (also see my webshow peruvianhatgamer in youtube an facebook, official release in november 1st)

  10. caitlin |

    can someone know were i can find instructions for the hair, i have some of it then i don’t know what to do next and i don’t want to mess it up

  11. Lulu |

    How big is it?

  12. Sage |

    Is anyone else having server problems with downloading this? D:

  13. Me |

    Well it says Erro 403

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