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Category: Other, Gun
Pieces: 293
Pages: 30
Showcased: September 22nd 08
Download: HERE      «!»

4 comments about M41-A Pulse Rifle

  1. Anonymous |

    to anyone who downloads and intends to build it: this model is VERY detailed (there are 25 breather holes on the bottom part of the grenade launcher alone that have to be individually hand assembled) you will want to buy a color ink cartridge JUST for this model (printing out all thirty+ pages (along with instructions) will drain the cartridge for the most part) you’ll want to take your time with this one.

  2. Rock |

    Awsome! simply awsome, thank you so much for making this gun Ive always wanted this gun.

    Aliens, is my favorite movie of all! and the M41-A Pulse Rifle is my favorite weapon in the movie, more than the Smart Gun which my brother loves.

    Thanks again, cant wait to start building it!

  3. Angel |

    this is going to be a LOOONG build…

  4. Loud |

    Took me 20+ weekends,lots of glue and an two empty ink cartridges.But worth it!!!

    Lost count after the 9th weekend.

    Next up………………..Sulaco or maybe Nostromo.Hmmm…..

    My life is nothing more than a facehugger.

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