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Category: Game, Zelda
Pieces: 21
Pages: 4
Showcased: September 22nd 08
Download: HERE      «!»

2 comments about Medium Chest

  1. Silencexknowing |

    I’m currently working on this papercraft. ;D
    All I have to go is one of the side top peices, and the handles! Whoot!
    ..Now if only I used cardstock for this. Everytime I touch it I dent the paper and then spazz out while trying to pop it back into place. lol

    It was a bit of a pain to do the scoring and folding, since my printer makes everything 2x darker then it’s supposed to be.
    Comparing all the peices with the pdo to figure out what was what was tedious.. But the nearly finished result looks amazing(besides all my finger dents D:<), so who am I to complain?

    /novel-long post

  2. Anonymous |

    e grande

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