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Pieces: 13
Pages: 3
Showcased: February 6th 09
Designer: ryo007
Download: HERE      «!»
Comments:"This is my 5th design. I Feature "MEGAMAN VS CUTMAN papercraft Diorama" I had several ideas in mind for my next job, but I was ahead and made the dioramas of Duck Hunt and Contra of NES (is curious, the Contra is almost equal to as I had in mind XD) So good, thinking to do before it happens to another, I made this Diorama, this time is the classic game of NES Mega Man (Mega Man 1 of course). Because I chose Cutman? Because I believe that cutman is almost a mascot for us, papercraft makers. Perhaps diorama is a rather small compared with others that there is but is not meant to be so great. Also, the base became quite large for fear of not standing because it has many elements." - ryo007

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