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Category: Game, Zelda
Pieces: 46
Pages: 14
Showcased: September 22nd 08
Download: HERE      «!»

19 comments about Midna Fused Shadow hat

  1. Silencexknowing |

    Midna(and the fused shadow) weren’t in Majora’s Mask, they were in Twilight Princess! o__0;;;
    …And LOLOLOL, you know you’re crazy when you basically jump for joy when you see a fused shadow hat papercraft that DOESN’T have the peice covering the eye on the wrong side. And then spazz out when you realize that in the game, the sides seem to usually just randomly switch. aksnnlsgs. D:
    Will totally make. ~ <3
    Has anyone tried fitting this onto Ninjatoes’ Midna, instead of the more 2d one she currently wears? Or blowing it up into a full-size version? I can see this being awesome as far as cosplaying!

  2. WTF |

    Um, can you wear this or is it a small version?

  3. Haywan |

    you can wear it

  4. thing |

    is the hair on it?

  5. Shakuma |

    no hair – you’ll have to make it yourself.

  6. kabutali |

    noooooo, the link is broken I think. :(

  7. Haywan |

    Works fine for me. Is it still broken? Try again later, mediafire sometimes is down.

  8. ruesch |

    is there a tutorial

  9. ruesch |

    is it super hard or is it deciving

  10. Julia |

    It’s not that the eye of the fused shadow is on the wrong side. In the GameCube version of Twilight Princess, the entire game, as well as the characters’ attire, is a mirror image of the Wii version. Therefore, the opposite eye is covered on Midna’s fused shadow. Hope this clarified the issue. =]

  11. D3athScythe |

    it is the wii version that is mirrored not the GC link is supposed to be lefthanded, i miss that a lot lazy nintendo guys should have put an option to mirror only link(and only if you wanted to) and not mirror the whole game…

  12. midney |

    how big is this? like, if i have a small head, can I still wear it?

  13. Ik4ru5 |

    I’ve just built and it fits perfectly on my Homer. I send a Picture as soon as possible.

  14. MidnaObsesser |

    omg!!! are we aloud to buy this? If we can, how much?!?! I’ve loved midna for YEEEAAARRSSS and i’ve never figured out how to get thefused shadow!!
    if it ISN’T for sale, is there a tutorial or something? and what type of paper do you use??
    Sorry for fangirling midna is just so darn amazing XDD

  15. Pikaplushing |

    How do you open the PDO files and the DS thingy. It also won’t let me look at the pictures.

  16. Pikaplushing |

    What sized paper do you need?

  17. Lantis |

    woah! si que se ve genial!

  18. dobsonz |

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  19. Francis |

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