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Category: Game, Mario
Pieces: 5
Pages: 1
Showcased: February 5th 09
Designer: mastermind777
Download: HERE      «!»
Comments:"Another new craft: the Millennium Star from Mario Party 3, both fake and real. In Mario Party 3, the Millennium Star falls to earth, and Mario and others fight over who should control it, when suddenly, they are transported into a toy box. The Millennium Star challenges them to collect the 7 Star Stamps before they can control him. Once you collect all the star stamps, the Millennium Star challenges you to face him in a duel. After winning the Stardust Showdown, he reveals that he was a fake from the beginning, and you just did all of that for nothing. Then, Tumble's head opens up, and the real Millennium Star comes out. Anyway, download it now!"

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