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Category: Game, Pokemon
Pieces: 37
Pages: 24
Showcased: September 4th 09
Designer: Lepper
Download: HERE      «!»
Comments:Height: 50cm Scalecraft Project Click on the Pokedex to open it.

4 comments about Onix

  1. Zomg |

    Woah… beautiful model

    Make sure you can accomidate for Wailord if you are serious.

    Try and make a web site. Love what you are doing, keep it up :D. Love the same scale thingy.

  2. Aosou-Kun |

    I’m working on this model right now, it’s amazing.
    The head is almost as big as mine.
    I can only imagine how big this would be stretched out.

    I’m getting better with every model I make.
    Onix is my sixth model.

  3. Aosou-Kun |

    I messed up and now the tail is flipped around, but that just makes it bigger, albeit unable to stand.
    I completed it without any trouble except my recurring problem of how to close it.
    I decided to spot weld it shut with tack glue acting as an adhesive and finishing layer, thanks for the awesome model.

  4. Anonymous |

    i love onix

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