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Paper Creations

The Seahorse

Hazel Bryce spent six years pushing the boundaries of Papier-mâché to create the most complex large scale Papier-mâché sculpture in the world. The Seahorse is stunning and can be admired simply for its aesthetic beauty. It smashes down the boundaries that separate craft and fine art; it stretches out to reach to and beyond many styles. Its complex anatomy has a realistic, organic yet spacey concern for symmetry with ambiguous body functions and an uncertain gender. The wide grin lends an almost animated expression to this modern yet classic-fantastic surreal sculpture that really has to be seen to be believed.

Papercraft Kinetic Sculpture

Dragon 3D Papercraft

Howl’s Moving Castle Papercraft

Papercraft Wall-E checks e-mail and dances

Terrordome by David Reyes

The lower walls are made of foam board with poster board glued over it for strenght. I made the elevators from foamboard and they are capable of sliding up and down in their shafts. The lower floor has a jail and three bunkrooms that have felt blankets and pillows. The second floor has a conference room with custom-made cardboard chairs and a table scaled to 3 3/4 inch figures. The top domed command section has a central circular wall in the center, around the firebat hangar, and four heavy cannons made from shaver handles as the gun barrels and made from heavy cardboard and spray-painted black. The shield wall around the domed top is made from five layers of heavy cardboard glued together and spray painted also. I used downloadable cut-fold-and-assemble Joe scale computer terminals and chairs I got from the joedios.com website. It took about a year to make: I was more concerned about doing it right instead of doing it fast. I have also made a cobra flightpod and a joe jet aircraft out of cardboard as well. And my name is David Reyes and I live in texas, and I have building items out of cardboard for a long time. small items like a functional ghostbusters PKE meter all the way up to a Robocop halloween costume. – David Reyes


Moving BBoy

Comments: The gears involved in the up and down motion of the model were flawed in the original design, so I could only get the spinning gears to work. I also added reinforcements to every tooth of the gears.

Bee and Flower Costume

Comments: With colored paper and a helmet, I made a flower costume, and put a papercraft bee on it. Watch how I made it!


Comments: This was half-sized from the original, so it was more challenging. I had problems doing the piece-by-piece additions, so I couldn’t make a stop-motion video for this model. The finished Ike is a little bigger than my fist and was, nevertheless, a pleasure to make!


Comments: I doubled-sized this one so that it’ll be easier and will grab more attention, because I’m giving it to my friend who works in an office in the financial district and hopefully his co-workers will find an interest in this cheap hobby with the economic crisis going on. Back to the model, I didn’t fold the lines on this so that it’ll have a “smoother” effect, which made the face look incredible!


Comments: Only trouble was the hair because there are 13 tiny strands to make, and the instructions made by the designer were not helpful at all.


Comments: This model took me about an hour each day for a week to complete (including the stills for making this video). The designer messed up on some parts of this, so I had to cut out some parts for a forced fit.

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