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Best looking model when completed

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  1. Ross

    Joined: Dec '08
    Posts: 14

    What would u say is the best looking model u have done and why
    did u like the shape and deatail , was it lineless
    and do u find lineless or transpatent lines better is lineless worth it for the over all look

    Posted 5 years ago #
  2. Saphtanpa

    New Member
    Joined: Mar '09
    Posts: 1

    My best looking model would probarly be my 1/60 scale Freedom Gundam . Reason: it is big, detailed, the lines are nearly invicible and it took a lot of effort (~100 pages :P). Another reason to like it for me was the fact that it was one of the first models I had where I was able to add self created parts and was able to change some parts of the model more to my taste. What I don't really like is the wire between the wings (weight issue), but I am desiging a diorama for it where the wings will have better support.
    (link to original model: )

    But nearly invicible lines aren't a main criteria imo, depends on the style of the model. When it is cartoonish I like having clear black lines :P

    Posted 5 years ago #

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