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Category: Other, Robot
Pieces: 5
Pages: 1
Showcased: August 19th 08
Download: HERE      «!»

14 comments about Rommy

  1. iichiigo |

    these robot dolls are cute, and fun to make. If you’re looking to just make a simple and cute doll that doesn’t take up too much time, this would be a good one to do. Also, since these pieces are pretty big, you could use a harder piece of paper. I use half a vanilla folder, works well and is sturdy.

  2. Haywan |

    nice job printing on a cut piece of manilla folder!

  3. Anonymous |

    do you have the older rommy model?
    could you send me file as much as possible?
    i want to collect it all…:D

  4. Haywan |

    sorry, i don’t

  5. Fernanda Gomez |

    So cute! I love it

  6. Claudia-CHAN |

    gomene por escribir en espaƱol, pero este fue mi cuarto papercraft y me costo un buen, ya que los pies no estan muyb sencillos de colocar, jajaja, arigato por el aporte.

  7. KissMyFeets |

    Done it, a easy model and much fun!
    I hope my picture upload works!

  8. A |

    you can download all rommy models here:


  9. gigi becali |


  10. PaperModel.Info |

    Very cute!!! You can download all ROMMY Models (include 2 version: Original size and Micro size) at:

  11. Wojciech |

    Great for beginers! It’s easy to make and gives satisfying effect. Everyone finds Rommy cute. :)

  12. 50 Awesome Papercraft Robots | Botropolis |

    […] Rommy. […]

  13. Firstari |

    Cute and very good

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