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hi i am a 14 year old boy and i have always loved building paper models from the age of 8 and thought it was about time i try to create my own so here they are im sorry but because of my age my life is very busy so this is just somethig i do when i have a moment

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Latest Model

Category: Diorama, Building
Pieces: 1
Pages: 1
Showcased: April 5th 09
Download: HERE      «!»
Comments:i will/have created more buildings to go along side this one on one of the city bases enjoy

Recent Updates

  • totall downloads
    May 8th

    i am completly amazed last night my totall downloads reached 500 i thank you for downloading my models i am in the middle of makking shops if you have any ideas plz tell me

    thank you for downloading my models i would love to hear your feedback on what you think and what you want

  • my city
    April 3rd

    my papercraft city so far :)

  • House 02
    March 13th

    i have just finished house 02 and i will be test building it soon

  • the papercraft city so far
    March 11th

    my papercraft city so far :)

  • update
    March 11th

    sorry i have not been creating new papercrafts because i recently bought animal crossing for the wii and got kinda adicted lol hope to be creating more designs soon check bk in a few days time to see if i have created any new designs ty Ross

  • any ideas
    March 6th

    it is your! city what kind of buildings would u like plz tell me here!

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