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Just a regular guy i think :p But I do love making models and unfolding them with pepakura.

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Latest Model

Category: Other, Weapon
Pieces: 42
Pages: 8
Showcased: April 14th 09
Download: HERE      «!»
Comments:A real scale hammer from the game red faction.

Recent Updates

  • 17 may update
    May 17th

    hy guys. Ive bin a bit inactive recently due schoolprojects.
    I apologize for that.
    But i havnt bin still. I’m still tweaking the helghast rife i mentioned.
    And I’m almost done with a wanted (the game) mask.
    here is a peak.


  • Another update
    April 13th

    Hello peeps.
    I decided to just throw all my projects away i was planning. And started something new.
    I made the red faction hammer (with texture)
    It should be finnished soon, very soon. Here is a pic.


  • Update 29/03/09
    March 29th

    Hi peeps,

    Ive bin busy with olat these days.
    Someone found out how to rip from the game crysis. But due its not a solid model this isnt gonna work for unfolding in pep.
    I will edit and remodel some parts. (first time i work on a ripped model)
    So i will ofcourse credit the 3d modelers of this game.

    I’m also working on the helghast rifle. Its almost done for pep.

    Hold on tight with me. Cous i’m done with exams this week. So loads of new stuff coming up…

  • 22 march update ITS SPRING!!
    March 22nd

    Heya, new update here. Here is a preview of the helghast model. I’m still editing it due flipped vertices.
    So hold on a tad more, it will get there…


    Also i’m editing this (also due flipped vertices


  • Upload update
    March 19th

    Well i’m uploading my models part by part due the lack of time…
    Today I uploaded a tripmine and yet another halo helmet

    Dont blame me its halo again cous i suplyed the 405th (halo propmaking community) these files :p
    I hope you enjoy them like they do.

    And more to come!!

  • New guy Rundown
    March 18th

    Hey, i’m a new hosted designer here and ready to make some more papercraft models.
    Currently i’m uploading my models as mutch as I can.

    As for new things and things I didnt make yet:
    I’m editing a model I made that is a helghast rifle from killzone.
    Fixing a model I made that is a Combine metrocop from half life 2

    And i’m planning on making or a hello kitty or a heroic something…

  • New guy Rundown
    March 18th

    Hey peeps, i’m a new hosted designer here.

    My models will be availabel soon for all of ya. And i’m planning to make a character pep.
    I cant deside yet between a hello kitty or a heroic character…

    Well see. Currently i’m also fixing a model of mine. Its the helghast rifle.

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