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Category: Anime, Gundam
Pieces: 340
Pages: 31
Showcased: October 10th 08
Download: HERE      «!»

14 comments about RX-93 HI NU

  1. Anonymous |

    The download link is wrong.

  2. Haywan |

    thx, i fixed it now.

  3. Anonymous |

    No, thank you, your site is great. It’s good to see you react to things like this too, it shows you maintain the site. And thank you for finding this model too. I’m not into Gundams, and this is now third on my building list. It’s amazing.

  4. Anonymous |

    I hate to be picky, but is there a PDO for this model? The PDF is complicated in a few parts, and if I print it all, I’ll get many pages of instructions that have a black backround.

  5. Haywan |

    You actually can select which pages you want to print in the pdf. If not, try updating your adobe viewer, it should be freehttp://www.adobe.com/products/reader/

  6. Haywan |

    I have adobe reader 8 and under print, it says

    – Page [1-57]

    just put 1 and then print it, then put 2-5, then print that

  7. Anonymous |

    Oh, I see. So no PDO? Your explanation solves my printing problem, but I still prefer working with PDOs. The whole ‘knowing exactly how it is’ thing. It’s a sense of security, I guess.

  8. Anonymous |

    Comments on actual build- First of all, and foremost… Do not undertake this lightly. It is an extremely detailed and small craft. You could spend an hour on a single page. For tools I would recommend tweezers, and as with any normal craft, a cutting board, a good crafting knife, and a ruler to help with scoring lines.

  9. Anonymous |

    The link is dead

  10. Haywan |

    link changed. thanks.

  11. Edge |

    I have this one clean version ..
    It was made by a korean named One-piece
    and he sells it for money. He has right of this craft.

    so your behavior is bad.
    I hope you delete this link.
    (But papercraft in this link is wrong version)

    Sorry for bad English

  12. Maximilian |

    link is still bad :(

  13. Haywan |


  14. near |

    it’s odd, when i try to download at 4shared it gives me an .mp3 file of some random music instead of your rar/pdf/pdo files! o.o

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