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Category: Other, Headgear
Pieces: 57
Pages: 21
Showcased: January 3rd 09
Download: HERE      «!»

7 comments about Shredder Costume

  1. jonathan |

    this is my new costume

  2. Charles |

    I was wondering if you had the rest of Shedder’s costume? Or where to get it thanks.

  3. Haywan |

    Unfortunately, I have no information in regards to the designer of this model :( This is all we found.

  4. aerithreborn |

    it’s a paper Shredder dohohohoho

  5. Curtis |

    Ha! Paper Shredder, classic.

  6. jay |

    ive got all the pieces of thatcosume if people still want em suchsightstoshowyou@hotmail.co.uk .just ask

  7. looking for 90's Shedder Helmet |

    […] Re: looking for 90's Shedder Helmet well,, here is my good deed for the day…. here are a couple of websites that have the shredder helmet… now if they are not what you are looking for, try Blackaos he has a great looking shredder helmet pepakura file for sale that looks great… and now you know…. and knowing is half the battle….. Papermau: Shredder Helmet In 1 / 1 Scale – by PepMaster – via Pepakura Gallery Shredder Costume | PaperCraft Museum […]

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