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Category: Game, Sonic
Pieces: 16
Pages: 3
Showcased: September 9th 08
Designer: paperkraft.bl...
Download: HERE      «!»
Comments:Video Game

30 comments about Sonic the Hedgehog

  1. Anonymous |

    how the hell can u read thhis? it in japanese!

  2. Haywan |

    most people just try to figure it out based on the pieces

  3. jeremy dmitruk |

    dude i want one

  4. jeremy dmitruk |

    i’m sonic number one fan

  5. SonicArtist3000 |

    AHEM jermemy you are not! I created Sonic (My own series I work with sega have made 28 books 10 comics of sonic know everything about him and know how to draw every charecter in Sonic have my own Sonic buissness club and website All of sonic. So no your not I am. Also will someone please translate all this japenize writing? thanks

    Regards, SonicArtist3000
    Daniel’s Sonic Drawing Service

  6. amaje |

    i want to make one please can i print it out

  7. SonicFan |

    Hey,I printed one of these and turned out well.I did my best to form Sonic and did good like the picture

  8. Marcus |

    Dude, u dont need to read anything… it is so easy and if u are having trouble, just imagine the letters are simbols and look for the equal one… easy… use ur brain

  9. diqkdiqkdy |


  10. sonickid |


  11. bailey |

    i love you.

  12. noobownermike |

    u should make a tutorial

  13. sonicfanpower |

    I love SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!!!! :D

  14. Anonymous |

    cool! make Shadow the Hedgehog next.

  15. sonic fan #1!! |

    its been a month since i started and im STILL working on it!!!

  16. Anonymous |

    how ddid you print this

  17. shadow vs sonic |

    that is made out of cardboard!

  18. Scourge |

    Seriously, this is good, but they should make a papercraft of me!

  19. Sonic |

    Scourge? A papercraft of you? No way!

  20. Shadow |

    Sonic, Scourge, check out Sonic Gear’s fan made section. Someone already made a papercraft of you, Scourge!

  21. Rouge |

    I would love a paper craft of myself holding a chaos emerald.

  22. Knuckles |

    Why rouge, would it make you feel like you’ve ACTUALLY acomplished something?

  23. Rouge |


  24. Scourge |

    Hey! What about me? We were talking about the king earlier (me). You guys are so selfish, turning the conversation to yourselves!

  25. Shadow |

    Nonsense Scourge. We all know who the REAL KING IS (ME)!

  26. superdumball5 |

    i am sonics number 1 fan i have most of the sonic stuff made and i have tried to make this and it is so freaking hard!

  27. Matt the hedgehog |

    Hey, Sonic! i’m an incomplete clone of u. i was made by eggman. i fled to become a hero. i can run 2ce the speed of u & i can swim

  28. Victor |

    The link still broken.

  29. Silver |

    Hey, don’t forget about me! I can fly and use telekinesis. (They made one of me too)

  30. Vitor Pereira |

    The link still broken.

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