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Category: Game, Kingdom Hearts
Pieces: 271
Pages: 31
Showcased: June 13th 10
Designer: Wulingyi
Download: HERE      «!»

12 comments about Sora Halloween Town

  1. Anonymous |

    Eh, kind of what I was expecting. 83cm tall, way more complicated than need be. Could be considerably better with a bit of editing…

  2. Emily the Penguin |

    I was all excited for this papercraft… but 31 PAGES?!?!!? NO WAY!!!! Could we make it easier, and not as ink consuming?

  3. Haywan |

    I’ve built large models before, and believe me, 1 large model with great detail are way more satisfying to build than 50 smaller simplified models. Just give it a try.

  4. hunter |

    it is actually 37 pages

  5. Anonymous |

    I’d have to disagree Haywan. You may like it, but most don’t have the same opinion.

  6. Anonymous |

    @Haywan: I actually like having a bunch of little models :U

    I’ve made most of those little Hetalia paperdolls, and 5 of the Kuroshitsuji ones, Plus 3 different Chikopeta Link papercrafts, and a shitload of Rupees xD

  7. Anonymous |

    Worth putting in some effort, this looks awesome, seriously.

  8. Anonymous |

    I love this papercraft and I like large models. Of course it’s a lot of ink but it’s so amazing. Great work.

  9. Genzy |

    83cm tall!?that so nice,i should have a try!

  10. HellGirl |

    Wow this is really awesome I have to try it but……..37 PAGES!!!!

  11. Anonymous |

    I’m building it right now and almost finish and i love it, but it does get complicated on some parts. I’m on the head right now and its challenging but i think its worth the effort, it looks awesome.

  12. Wednesday Dahmer |

    Wow!!!! Sora looks so creepy amazing!!! He will bei my third papercraft ever, I’ve just started a few weeks ago… but in the last weeks I’ve practiced so much and I have much experience with constructing and painting models like Warhammer, making dolls of fabric, porcellain, and much more. And I love the game… And there are only 24 days left until Halloween!!! So I accept the challenge… He will be the best looking decoration this year. I’ll send a picture if he’s ready. Just another Thanks to his creator for this asskicking design!!!!

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