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Category: Game, Kingdom Hearts
Pieces: 95
Pages: 5
Showcased: June 1st 10
Designer: Ninjatoes
Added By: Space
Download: HERE      «!»

10 comments about Sora

  1. McAwesome |

    SWEET!! been waiting for a Sora model for ages!!

  2. roxas |

    Awesome! I really don’t get why there are so many Ninjatoe’s haters voting all of his designs down, each and every one are easily top of the line papercrafts and just because other people make their designs completely unbuildable and oversized they are jealous of this skills! But I love them a lot so I am happy and they are still crying so who’s better off in the end I guess that’s me lol

  3. Emily the Penguin |

    this was my favorite papercraft to make! It was difficult enough to challenge me, but had instructions for when I got stuck! Very nice looking when complete, and tall too! I’d even print the last page again to make the SWEET looking keyblade. I recommend hot glue for the fingers though – very hard.

  4. Anonymous |

    Really awesome model! I’m certainly going to build this one as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I’ve got so many of his other models that I’ll have to finish first!

  5. Anonymous |

    Thank you so much for upload beautiful pepakura!.

  6. EpsilonWolf |

    how tall is it??

  7. Zamaro |

    mmm… I’ve not finished it yet but I think approximately 25 cm

  8. Len Kagamine |

    I love doing these papercrafts… I’m gonna do this one right after I finish Link! >.<

  9. Anonymous |

    it looks amazing and 5 pages is very resonable and it looks as if it has very nice detail

    once i finnish my pikachu il be sure to do this one next

  10. Sora |

    how tall is it in inches?

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