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Category: Cartoon, Marvel
Pieces: 185
Pages: 10
Showcased: May 10th 10
Designer: Mariano DG
Added By: Space
Download: HERE      «!»

14 comments about Spiderman

  1. RamboNo5 |

    I’ve just finished this model and recognized that Spidey unfortunately isnt able to stand on his own feet.

  2. RamboNo5 |

    But it works if you put some glue stripes under his feet ;)

  3. Tri |

    Hinh chi tiet nguoi nhen

  4. enwe |

    alus pisan euy, cool lah!!

  5. drix |

    The best way to get a model to stand up on its own is to add weight to the inside of the feet … glue some small rocks in there.

  6. carloloi16 |

    that’s actually what i do in every single project that i make..

  7. Anonymous |

    ini yg ku tunggu…. thak’s

  8. Bryan |

    How do you actually know which part is suppose to stick to which other part?

  9. Dazza |

    can anyone tell me the password for spiderman?

  10. Haywan |

    It should work now. Try again

  11. esta muy chebere |


  12. sue |

    has anyone please let me know where to download the page for spiderman, if is yes please attach the file to my email address:
    many thanks

  13. Evandro |

    I am unable to download this model.
    Can someone fix the link?

  14. suman jittla |

    Hi the link seen to bee broken. please send me where I can download the file.

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