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Pieces: 267
Pages: 24
Showcased: February 19th 09
Designer: Haywan
Download: HERE      «!»
Comments:WARNING: THIS MODEL IS HIGHLY DETAILED. Ripped by Gazamaniac. Here is the pdf version: http://www.mediafire.com/?mjzel1plt1y

119 comments about Toon Link

  1. Pete |

    well done :)

  2. Mledak |

    Exelente papercraft!!!!

    pronto estara en mi coleccion

  3. Wayne |

    may i ask how you got the 3d model, just curious.

  4. Wayne |

    sorry for double post but you are a /po/ legend for this i’ve been waiting ever since i saw the first picture on 4chan!

  5. iRox |

    plz do mario or naruto in the near future! until then i will relish in the awesomeness of this

  6. Haywan |

    lol thanks, i got the 3D model from gazamaniac who ripped it from brawl

  7. Gupu |

    holy ****!!!! great model

  8. Anonymous |

    Great build. Not a great model. Difference.

  9. Ross |

    hey well good modle Haywan keep it up great quality well done to gazamaniac too

  10. Slowpoke |

    Hox must i do the eyes ?

  11. Haywan |

    Cut out the eyes of the pictures in there.

  12. Anonymous |

    What? that made no sense

  13. Ross |

    hey haywan i realy want to do this model but my printer will run out of ink half way could u make a half size :) ty

  14. Haywan |

    if i make this half size, some parts will be so small i can’t even build it myself :/ take my word on this, the size i scaled it to will be difficult by itself

  15. Alicia Coleman |

    Anyway someone can upload this in a pdf format? I’m getting my boyfriend to print this for me at work and I can’t send him a .pdo format.

  16. Haywan |

    pdf version

  17. Anonymous |

    thx for the pdf ;)

  18. Ben C |

    Great build!!! It’s really cool!!!:-)

  19. Alicia |

    Is there anyway you can email me any of your build photos Haywan? and how tall is the finished product again?

  20. Haywan |

    Alicia, are you using a mac? Send me an email at papercm at gmail dot com and we can continue our discussion there.

  21. Katharina |

    I can’t wait to build this wonderful looking Papercraft! Love it!!!!

  22. vivek |

    i have to say very good but not impressive sorry

  23. hylia |

    can you also upload the lined version, please?

  24. Nick |

    what programs do you need to download the model? I really want to do it but every time i press download it says ‘internet explorer has an unhandeled exeption in the 3rd party module’ ,and it makes no sense. could u help me? thanks, the models awesome

  25. Haywan |

    unfortunately, if you’re not sure how to open this file, then this model’s complexity is probably beyond your level. I highly recommend you build some simpler models first, because this model cannot be made without tweezers. search “pepakura” on google for the software.

  26. Nick |

    I have made a fierce Diety link, lucario, falco, young link and King of Red lions. I havent made any other models apart from these and i have Pepakura Viewer 3 on my desktop and I really want to do the model. I dont know how to use pepakura viewer because theirs no place that tells me how to.

  27. Haywan |

    Do you use mac? Pepakura doesn’t work on macs, only PC’s. If installed correctly, the .pdo file should automatically open by pepakura.

  28. Nick |

    I have a pc. do you have to save the pdo to a file then open the file with pepakura viewer? the first time i pressed download it said to save it a browser.

  29. Haywan |

    I don’t think pepakura was installed correctly then, try uninstall/reinstall pepakura 3.

  30. nick |

    I reinstalled pepakura viewer and i tested it with other models and it worked, but I clicked on your model and it said where do you want to open or save your file. I set it to open on pepakura and it said the specified model could not be downloaded on there. how doyou get it to pepakura?

  31. zurielz01 |

    m ke dificil
    son muchas paginas
    y esta muy complicado

  32. Haywan |

    Try having pepakura viewer opened, then drag the toon link file into the pepakura window. If that doesn’t work, then download Pepakura Designer 3. The file is unlocked so that might be the problem.

  33. Nick |

    Hey Haywan, would i be able to go to someone elses house, download pepakura viewer on their computer and try to download it their. if it works would i be able to save the pepakura file to a flash drive. it might work.

  34. Haywan |

    You can try that.

  35. Gazamaniac |

    Schweet model, dude! Good to know that some people are actually putting my ripped models to good use :)

  36. Nick |

    Haywan, what is supposed to happen when you press download. does it immediately open to pepakura viewer, or is there something else. By the way, sorry for all the trouble ive caused you

  37. ... |


  38. Haywan |

    When you download, you download the .rar file. Then you open the rar file and will find the folder contains several .pdo files. When you open the pdo file, then pepakura viewer opens.

  39. Nick |

    I got it! thanks Haywan

  40. Anthony |

    sorry if im asking too much but can you send me the textures or make them downloadable because I would really love to try to make the 4 swords links!

    -Thanks for the model

  41. Monodi |

    Hey man, I may sound pathetic to ask thuis but, are there any step-by-step instructions? Printing this took me a bunch of ink and paper and I am not THAT experimented for papercrafts, but still I wanna try it without making it a waste.

  42. Nick |

    No there are no instructions, but use pepakura as well as you can, expecially for the hair. I just finished the baton and their are glitches like glueing the hat to the hair and others. It’s a hard model so you have to pay extremely close to pepakura. goodluck!

  43. anonimo |

    hey es un buen paper craft te felicito solo una cosa cuanto te demoraste para hacer el modelo 3D de toon link?
    solo es una duda por q yo ya lo estoy haciendo y quiero saber cuanto demora

  44. coolmsky |

    nice :)

  45. sxkyilu |

    Hey, I was wondering that there is a problem in page 2 on the pdo. file, on edges 1283 and 1290, the part where they intersect. That part where the two edges intersect goes off to the first page. When you print it, does it show that?

  46. Gazelleclaw |

    How did u make toon link? he looks awesome in papercraft! I love it!

  47. BC |

    이거 점선 있는건 없는건가

  48. fan of link |

    i can not open this model because i can not open.rar models:(

  49. Anonymous |

    to open rar. you need a 7-zip file archiver. hre is the link


  50. BLueLink |

    can you make a blue toon link version like adult link?

  51. Maximilian |

    Could you make a link or something for the smaller version of toon link? You’ve inspired me as a paper craft artist. I’ve become pretty good at paper craft but i would like a smaller toon link, which you’ve mentioned in other places. Please make the smaller version available. Thank you for your wonderful work.

  52. Martooxxx |

    Building the Wind Waker was a pain in the neck, but still it’s a very good papercraft. Keep it up!

  53. AKanda |

    Thank you for the high-quality =)

  54. locke.cristian |

    thanks for the high detailed model :D

  55. Kay |

    Thanks for this! I will attempt it (and hope it works out)! Love the design!

  56. Haywan |

    yes life size link is out, just search “life-sized”

  57. Haywan |

    Baz0826, if you have so many questions, send it on the “Contact” page. Your comments have been deleted.

  58. Baz0826 |

    But im 10 I dont have an E-mail address.

  59. Haywan |

    Sign up for a g-mail account

  60. Baz0826 |

    Im 10 my mom wont let me
    Is there a way I can get the template With out Rar.

  61. Baz0826 |

    Or Mediafire

  62. Baz0826 |

    If I get this answer I will NOT post again.

  63. Haywan |

    Just try build other models first, there’s a lot of models out there. This one is not easy, have you used Pepakura before?

  64. Baz0826 |

    No, but I really like the papercrafts you have made and I want to do some of them. But if you think I should do other papercraft then I’ll try some do you know any The Legend of Zelda: Link papercrafts that would be good?

  65. Baz0826 |

    I sorta want to do life size link.

  66. Baz0826 |

    Reamember I don’t have Rar. Of Mediafire.
    So ya is there a way I can do life-size Link with out thouse programs?

  67. Baz0826 |

    Sry Or

  68. 와왐 |

    이거 점선 있던데요.. ㄷㄷㄷ

  69. Baz0826 |

    Or any Brawl ones

  70. Baz0826 |

    Life size Brawl people.
    Brawl people.
    Mario people.
    The Legend of Zelda people.

  71. Haywan |

    You need pepakura designer to edit the template and scale it up.

  72. Baz0826 |

    It doesn’t need to be life size just a brawl person if possible.
    Or if you have any ideas that I should do first?

  73. locke.cristian |

    i might make this after captain falcon

  74. GNTIS |


  75. locke.cristian |

    the hair is hard

  76. locke.cristian |

    got it. now i am at the body specifically the arms.

  77. daniel |

    hey, how i do the model, because i don t know the lines

  78. Anonymous |

    cant wait untill they make the entire brawl crew!

  79. Anonymous |

    life size also!

  80. ppeach404 |

    do you have to pay for papercrafts?

  81. sean |

    pdf no work

  82. Likady |

    Hello. i want to make it, but i can´t open the pdo doc. If someone have it in jpg or other tipe of program, pleas, give us. My boyfriend is a fan of Legend of Zelda, i want to make it for him… pleas.
    (excuse my english. I´m mexican and i don’t speak it very well)

  83. Jibriel |

    I can not print it plese help me and mail how to print it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Haywan |

    If you cannot open it, please refer to the beginner’s tutorial.

  85. น้ำหนึง |


  86. Smash Bros. Papercraft – Toon Link | PaperCraftSquare - Free Papercrafts, Paper Models, Paper Toys Download |

    […] Super Smash Bros. Toon Link Papercraft […]

  87. Cristian |

    lol, i half sized it :D
    I’m going to make the whole Brawl crew (Captain Falcon, Toon Link and LIFE SIZE LINK! maybe Lynn too)

  88. Sean |

    Could you make this model on PDF

  89. Anonymous |

    How do I attach the legs to the tunic? I cut out the two parts that belong inside the tunic, but I don’t know where I have to glue them to the trousers. Thank you in advance!!

  90. Anonymous_2 |

    AMAZING! However, I just want to ask before I have a legal battle with my dad about prinitng 24 colour pages: just how tall is the finished model?

  91. Paperthings |


    The finished model is about 43 cm tall. There are also two additional pages if you want to build the sword handle.

  92. mamaluigilolz |

    hey dude,

    Amazing work! i am really imprest! but can you please work it out in Adobe Reader and make it an pdf file, because i cannot open the pdo files, and that is because i cannot install the program to open the pdo files with!


  93. noneoyobeeswax |

    PLEASE MAKE A PDF.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Roxy |

    Could you do a version of this with the recolor of Dark Link?

  95. Anonymous |

    How can I use the files on pepakura viewer? I really want to make this model…it looks amazing!

  96. Toon Link | Nintendo Papercraft |

    […] Download from Papercraft Museum […]

  97. marit |

    I think that the PDF download link expired, could you (or anyone else) sent me a new link? p.s. its really an amazing model!

  98. Adrian |

    ¿Dónde puedo conseguir el PDF, el enlace de la versión de PDF está roto…

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