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Showcased: January 20th 09
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11 comments about Troll Face

  1. Bork |

    This isn’t Trollface.

  2. Krystal |

    Isn’t this the “Hurr” face?

  3. Officer |

    its not trollface. and trollface isnt even the real name. Its coolface.

  4. whynne |

    It’s trollface, not coolface. Eat a dick.

  5. bigfan |

    This isn’t Trollface
    Trollface is the grinning asshole.

  6. lolololo |

    hurrrrrr durrrr it’s not frolltace durrr durrr durrrrrr
    hurrrr I got trolled durrrr hurrr hurrr durrr

  7. Vincentmrl |

    guys this http://csfgpapercraft.com/wp/?p=178 is trollface.
    i testbuilt it, and a friend made the model and i gave the idea.

  8. Epsilon Wolf |

    Yeah, thats NOT a trollface. Like vincent said, and as i designed, This http://csfgpapercraft.com/wp/?p=178 is a trollface… I see you googled i too vincent xD

  9. Vincentmrl |

    lol creator of the model above ( i gave the idea and we are making more memes :D)
    me:testbuilder of trolflace

  10. Anonymous |

    This is one of variations for russian meme – “PC-face”.

  11. unknow |

    …what is this??!!!!(not troll face)

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